About Us

Suburban Precision Mold Co., Inc. leads the industry as a full service designer and manufacturer of quality, custom built molds for the molding industry. We specialize in the design and manufacture of close tolerance, complex action, and multi-cavity tooling for automotive, consumer, electrical, medical, and industrial molded products.

Our founders started the Suburban companies as a small tool shop in McKean, Pennsylvania. Since that time, Suburban has established two mold-building companies - Suburban Tool & Die in Erie, PA and Suburban Precision Mold in Meadville, PA.

As of 2010, the second generation of ownership brings more than 65 years of combined experience with the company. Suburban Precision Mold, together with our sister company, Suburban Tool & Die, continues to grow and evolve to meet - and exceed - the needs of its customers.

Suburban Precision Mold Co., Inc.'s vision is to be a respected full service supplier of molds and tooling, utilizing the latest technology to provide our customers with superior products.

Our project management system allows us to monitor and report the progress of each project on a continuing basis to ensure smooth production of quality tooling from conceptual design to shipment. We will furnish reports to our customers, upon request, so that they may know the status of their tool.

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Suburban Precision Mold turning and lathe capibilities. Suburban Precsion Mold  precision wire and ram edm capibilities. Suburban Precsion Mold  precision milling capibilities. Suburban Precsion Mold  precision grinding capibilities. Suburban Precsion Mold  precision quality inspection. Suburban Precsion Mold  precision 3D modeling, design, project management and facilities.
Suburban Precison Mold is certified by NSF ISO-9001 for quality.

ISO-9001 Quality
The Suburban Precision Mold Quality System
is registered to ISO-9001:2008 standard.